KADOKAWA Contents Academy株式會社成立於2013年10月,希望透過專業教育機構將日本獨特的創作技巧推廣至世界各地,讓動漫相關內容產業能有更活躍的發展與成長。

From Japan, New “Learning” Platform to the World
  KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co. Ltd was founded in October 2013 with the aim of constructing a platform of new “Learning” that helps spread the know-how of Japanese content producing to the world. KCA is supported by parent KADOKAWA Corp. which started with publishing and has become one of the biggest content business companies passing through 70 years history.
  Through this overseas content school business, KCA aims to grow the talents and provide grounds that can allow them to create their original works in their countries and areas of the world with the focus on Asia. This contributes to the creation, development, and diversification of local entertainment industries, which is supported by Cool Japan Fund Inc.: a public-private investment fund supervised by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and other national corporations.
台灣角川國際動漫股份有限公司. which runs the first school “角川國際動漫教育”(KADOKAWA International Edutainment) in Taipei.
  KIE would like to bring up international creators and produce many Taiwan-original works. Under the guidance of not only Taiwanese and Japanese teachers who are active professional writers, but also the careful and practical educational curriculum produced in Japan, this original education content can effectively help students acquire potential jobs in the future. 

Address: 7F., No.43, Guanqian Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10047, Taiwan 



1. 漫畫課程
  透過「圖畫」與「故事」來表現傳達腦中的想法與世界觀是製作漫畫的樂趣之一。本機構的漫畫課程不僅教授故事構成、角色設定、分鏡製作、電腦繪圖等基礎技術,更配合台日現役漫畫家講師及顧問的應用技術指導,學習如何製作有趣、受歡迎漫畫作品的方法和訣竅。此外也有機會透過接受現役編輯分享實際與漫畫家合作的經驗,進一步了解認識業界第一線製作流程,且於畢業前也會舉辦企業發表會、畢業作品成果展、ComicWalker GLOBAL網站刊載及KADOKAWA出版社內部審查等各式就業支援,期望能將同學們出道的可能性擴展到最大。

The Courses available 

1. Manga Course(For Beginners~Experienced people)
  One of the enjoyments of manga creation is that students can freely express their attractive ideas and views of their world with “Picture” and “Story”. In this course, not only can students learn the fundamental skills of story making, character setting, NAME (storyboard), digital drawing, but also advanced techniques with the know-how of“what makes manga interesting” by the Taiwanese and Japanese teachers, who are active professional manga artists. Furthermore, the students can receive practical instructions in an assumed role between an editor and a manga artist production site situation during the class. All of the students’ graduation works are checked by the editors from KADOKAWA so that new creators can be discovered among them; this will therefore maximizes the possibility of the students debuting in the professional industry.

2. 角色設計課程
  漫畫、動畫、遊戲、廣告、商品包裝等,「角色設計」在資訊傳達快速的現今社會中,充斥在我們的生活周遭。在這門課程中將可以學到從角色設計、世界觀設定等基礎,以至其相關應用方法、市場流行元素的調查分析與結合等廣泛的知識技術,以成為活躍於各個領域中的角色設計師為目標前進!與漫畫課程相同,如畢業前的企業發表會、畢業作品成果展、ComicWalker GLOBAL網站刊載及KADOKAWA出版社內部審查等,將透過各式就業支援,協助同學們往業界發展出道。

2. Character Design Course(For Beginners~Experienced people)
  “Character” is loved not only in manga and animation, but also serves as a messenger in games, advertisements and merchandise designs in this information-oriented society. In this course, KIE will teach students the basic design such as character setting and view of the world setting to the extensive knowledge such as utilization and marketing of character contents, which strives to lead students to be a professional character designer who can be successful on the multiple fields. Similar to Manga Course, students will be instructed by editors, and graduation work will be checked in editorial department of KADOKAWA. KIE creates a path to help students prepare to work as a professional illustrator.


3. Voice actor
  This brand new course for voice acting which is produced and designed by professional Japanese expert,and guide by the present voice actors in Taiwan. This course would include all performers and skills improvement for voice acting, such as animation, drama, narration, radio, and commercial as well. You can learn all the secrets about Japanese style voice acting without learning Japanese itself!
  From the basic vocal excises to advance level performance, this course will help you to build up you own varieties of vocal abilities, let your voice become the soul of the character, make you a different life! 

4. 輕小說課程

4. Light novels
  Light novels, originated in Japan, has attracted a large number of fans all over the world, and enjoys wide popularity in Taiwan with a quite considerable circulation. Many people start to fall in love with reading through light novels. Taiwan’s most popular light novel writers will supervise the syllabus personally, not only teaching you to write interesting works, but also sharing valuable experience and knowledge in creating a more commercial light novel! This course aims at enabling you to contribute works to a light novel contest. If winning a prize in the contest, you will have a chance to debut and publish works!

5. 3DCG課程

5. 3DCG
  CG technology has played an indispensable role in the games, TV programs, movies, and animation. With the popularity of social games in recent years, there is an increasing demand for CG producer. The goal of this course is to cultivate outstanding CG producers by teaching the expertise of Japanese CG technology. We will invite the experts who have considerable experience in schools and Japanese game producer  to arrange the syllabus, so that the students can learn actual techniques required in the practical work. At the same time, we will provide guidance for employment, and outstanding students will have the opportunity to work in the Japanese production companies!


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